RoadRace Motorsports Suzuki Kizashi at SEMA

by Adam Moore
RRM Platinum Edition Kizashi

RRM Platinum Edition Kizashi

Love, hate, or don’t really care about the new Kizashi from Suzuki one thing has always been certain, RoadRace Motorsports has their own plans for the new Zuk. Our friends at RRM have had a role in the Kizashi from very early on and have been working on aftermarket parts for this car for a year now. What is the best place in America to show off a new car with fantastic aftermarket potential? Well that would be SEMA. RRM has their Platinum Kizashi on display at SEMA this year and has released a few photos of the car on their Flickr site.

Check out the pictures on Flickr and check out the RRM site.