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The NTNOA ‘Land O’ the Pines Rallye’ 2018


The NTNOA ‘Land O’ the Pines Rallye’ 2018

Pictured is the 34th Annual Lake O’ the Pines Rallye at Diamond Don’s Campground near Jefferson, Texas. The opening day of the rally – on Thursday – was very nice, but the weather went downhill from there.

The bike show on Saturday Morning was off-and-on rain, but under the dismal conditions there was a very respectable turnout of 90 bikes in the show. The Games followed the bike show, and those were very entertaining (to say the least), given the very wet turf. After the Games was the Mini Bike Race. This race was a total rain event, as a brisk rainfall cut it rather short. A special thanks goes to Diamond Don, as he did a great job in staging the soggy race event!

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Paul Valentine

Contributor Paul Valentine is a lifelong (and it's been a long life!) motorhead, and still has the Moto Guzzi pictured. Paul's mother was an avid photographer, exposing Paul to photography and developing from an early age. He continues to enjoy event photography, model trains, vintage bicycles and just about anything with a motor...except for lawn equipment!

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