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Radwood Keeps ATX Weird at Driveway Austin


Radwood Keeps ATX Weird at Driveway Austin

Driveway Austin Motorsports and Racing School hosted a Radwood car show on February 23rd. If you haven’t been on the Internet in the last few months, Radwood is for collectors, fans, and enthusiasts of vehicles from 1980-1999. At a Radwood show attendees are encouraged to dust off their parents’ Members Only jackets and Jane Fonda leg warmers to dress like a 2019 film set in the 1980s or 90s.

Texas’ bipolar weather was kind to us that Saturday, with sunny skies and weather cool enough, keeping beads of sweat from falling on a DMC stainless steel body panel. Multiple generations were in attendance, from Baby Boomers to Millennials, and a good percentage of them brought their dogs as well.

If Driveway Austin looks familiar, it’s because it was used to film track action shots of the recently introduced 2020 Toyota Supra. The track itself is a driver’s dream, sitting in Austin off of Highway 183. Driveway Austin offers a large variety of classes that include track driving, extreme driving, precision driving, teen safety driving, and even how to drive a manual. I also understand they allow local law enforcement to train and practice PIT maneuvers.

Anyway, back to the Rad cars. I was surprised I didn’t see any K-cars (not even a LeBaron or minivan), or a Buick Grand National.  Holy Grail cars – like Ferrari’s F40 and Porsche’s 959 – were presented, along with nearly any cool car from the ‘80s and ‘90s you can think of. One car that made me geek out was a 1981 Dodge Challenger that was being shown by the original owner who drove it from Dallas. I had never seen one up close and most people had no idea what it was. Another rad sight was a 1993 Toyota MR2 that had a museum quality restoration and a FOR SALE sign; the kit included a rad-era jacket, collection of cassette tapes, and a domain name for a website.

Best costume I saw was a man who went all the way and cut his hair into a mullet. Now that’s dedication to the lifestyle! I only wish I could have brought my ’97 GMC truck, because it would have been the only one there (maybe next year). Below is a gallery of photos I took at the show.  

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