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ABCDE Car Show White Rock Lake

Photos by Paul Valentine


ABCDE Car Show White Rock Lake

The All British Car Day has been a long-standing tradition in the Dallas area for almost as long as there have been British cars. And some years ago, in a move channeling the synergy of the Eurozone, the well-pressed suits on the ABCD committee opened the lawn to European cars, also, creating – as this takes a while – the All British and European Car Day (ABCDE). No word on what happens after the Brexit, but until that’s formalized, we can enjoy the Brits and Benzes together. Thanks – as always – to Mr. Valentine, along with the many participants making for a great show.

See more photos HERE.

David Boldt

Boldt, a long-time contributor to outlets such as,, and, brings years of experience in retail sales, automotive journalism and public relations. David is the Managing Editor at txGarage.

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