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It had our rapt attention…

It was mid-February, and I was one of the lucky ones to catch more than my share of bad allergies for the year. As (bad) luck would have it, it happened to fall on the week I had the 2017 Ford Raptor – OF ALL WEEKS. With a Raptor sitting in the driveway you can be assured that I still grabbed some quality time behind the wheel. Let’s take a quick deep dive into my short but sweet time with the Raptor Beast.

The model we were given to drive for the week was the Ford Raptor SuperCrew, equipped with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost High Output Engine and covered in striking Lightning Blue. To set things off even further we had the exterior and hood graphics package, tacking on another $2,000 to the sticker price; I honestly think, though, it set this Raptor apart. A 4.10 front axle with TORSEN Differential, spray-in bedliner, 17” forged aluminum bead-lock capable wheels and 3.0 Fox Racing Shocks, among many other features, also helps set this Raptor apart from virtually any other truck, as well as its previous generation.

The new Raptor is pumping 450 Horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque out of 3.5 liters of turbocharged V6. I was shocked and amazed (and delighted) at this much power installed in a lighter, tighter platform. With the all-new aluminum body and other weight saving techniques this lighter weight truck absolutely screams! The only drawback I had with the all-new Raptor was the sound. According to engineers, the team fine-tuned the sound to get as much as they could out of it. Compared to how previous generations sounded, I think this new generation missed that mark, but at least they made up for that in other areas, like the added horsepower and torque. The 10-speed transmission is nice, as the Raptor has an easy time finding any gear you might want or need. And ‘Terrain’ driving modes are a welcome addition, as I certainly enjoyed the quick response time the “Sport” mode presented. Other driving modes include Baja, Winter, and Rock.

This extremely capable truck, going literally anywhere desired, took some time in development; I’d say, based on our comparison video (below) to the previous generation Raptor, Ford showed they were more than willing to build to their audience. Fact is, based on our conversation with Brandon Whistler of TMX Garage, many Raptor owners came in and began immediately updating shocks, tires, auxiliary ports and more than a few other things. So, as Ford looked at what people were modifying the engineers and product people created an excellent off-the-line truck.

The Ford’s interior had some of the old Raptor feel, boasting an updated media console with the new SYNC 3 technology. This was my first time using Apple Car Play…and it was amazing! Throughout the cabin, this Raptor had the carbon fiber accents, which was a nice touch. With an 110V/400W inverter on the front dash as well as a port in the backseat, this truck was made for the long haul!

What will this truck – as is – cost you? Well, the great news is there’s a little price increase from the previous generation, but not that much – you can build this exact truck for a little over $69,000. A heavy sticker price for a truck that’s getting lighter curb weight, but a truck that could handle whatever you throw in front of it. I more than enjoyed my short time with the Raptor, and am impressed with the changes Ford – in listening to its customers – decided to make.

Don’t forget to check Justin out at Hunting Product Guru where he’s producing some great content for the hunting crowd! – Adam Moore (TXGARAGE Publisher)

Justin is a passionate family man who loves design, technology, and anything involving the outdoors. Justin also writes for Hunting Guru where he publishes product reviews, advice, and general hunting stories. Justin is an Associate Editor at txGarage and played a vital role in designing and developing the website.

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