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Each year the Big Keystone Show at the Gaylord Texan features the latest accessories for trucks and SUV’s. This year I took lots of photos that are attached to this article so you can see some of the accessories coming to market. As you’d guess, there are several key items worth talking about.

Scratched paint on a vehicle is a common occurrence, but fixing the scratch can be expensive when using professional body shops. Automotive Touchup is the cost-effective, precise color-matched solution to scratched paint. Automotive Touchup’s aerosol spray cans are ready-to-spray products. The secret to repairing paint is not to flood the scratch with paint; doing so will create a visual effect that the repair color does not match, even if the color used is an exact match. Additional supplies may be needed to fix the scratch and can be purchased, including gloves, face masks, sandpaper, eyewear, and solvent sprays. Always do a test on something before jumping into the job.

Another new idea was from BOLT. They offer cable locks and padlocks to secure kayaks to a roof-rack on a vehicle, bikes to the back of a vehicle, generator to a trailer and spare tires under the bed of a truck. BOLT locks and padlocks can also be used in multiple ways:  to lock a cargo trailer, secure a storage shed, lock a toolbox and locking your trailer to your truck. The magic works without adding another key to your key ring as the device uses your truck or SUV key. When you insert your key and turn it a certain way it learns your key – that’s all it takes.

The demand for a lock to protect unattended trailers led to the design and creation of BOLT’s new hardened steel red powder-coated Off-Road Coupler Lock.

Another new product was MOTHERS CMX spray coating. CMX® has a new product called Ceramic Spray Coating, a revolutionary formula that offers super-hydrophobic, ultra-durable protection with a blend of both SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) and (Titanium Dioxide) in a spray coating.

If you own several classic cars, Battery Tender displayed a unit that will charge up to ten vehicles at a time. Black Horse tricked up a Chevrolet Colorado for maximum off-roading. Westin® offers dozens of off-road products, as shown on a Ford F-150. What show would not be complete without a huge Mickey Thompson Tire display with wheels and more wheels? Ultra-Wheel Company showed off several designs including a Walker Evans model.

There were many Ford Super Duty trucks decked out with industrial bumpers, wheels and tires, along with graphic designs. If you purchased a basic truck and upgrading it, the CCi grille overlays look great. There was even a new Ford Ranger that was decked out with fender flares, oversized tires and a graphics kit. It looks rough and ready for the great outdoors.

BakFlip, maker of covers for pickup beds, has a new model – the F1 – with a surface that’s more durable in bad weather. Living in Texas, this is important; hail can ruin the regular model. I have had to replace two of the smooth style, and your insurance at some point will tell you to go pound sand.

Harold Allen

Classic Ford Truck Enthusiast and Owner. Shadowed Bill Stroppe, Off Road Legend. Former Sony Corporation of America Regional Manager. Former Ford Motor Company Regional Manager, Southwest.

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