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Could this Ram be an everyday driver and a workhorse?

2014 Ram 1500 Lone Star EcoDiesel

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Could this Ram be an everyday driver and a workhorse?

The 2014 Ram 1500 Eco Diesel

It’s not too often you can have a conversation while inspecting a diesel engine but that’s exactly what happened when I was looking under the hood of the 2014 Ram 1500 Eco Diesel. This review is to go over some points that I see worth noting if you’re looking at this eco diesel machine.

Let’s talk exterior, what a great looking truck! With the 2014 Ram 1500 being the Motor Trend’s 2014 Truck of the Year, I expected nothing less when inspecting everything about the exterior. This truck has that typical Ram Truck bold look from the front but has a square look that makes this truck very intriguing. They finally made the Rambox Cargo Management System functional with the keyless entry. So all valuables that are placed inside will be secure when you lock your truck. If you find yourself locked out of your truck then just call a locksmith dublin for help. Another feature that also lends itself to the good looks for this Ram Truck is the very innovative Active Air Grille Shutters. Since technology has come so far on vehicles this one intrigues me the most as of late. The grilles automatically open and shut when the truck needs to be cooled. The grilles also shut at high speeds to reduce drag, which also helps gain more miles per gallon and saving money at the pump.


I didn’t get any real time behind the wheel of this beast but it’s rated at 20 City MPG and 28 HWY MPG. I can certainly tell that all signs lead to a truck that fits the bill of finally getting some decent gas mileage. The towing capacity of the 3.0L Eco-Diesel V6 is also very eye opening, rated at towing almost 10,000-lbs. I feel like there’s certainly some work this beast could put out.

The interior of this truck was very much Ram as well. In one word, it felt like tough. Which is exactly that they tout. The dash seems like it had more technology than I have seen in previous models of Dodge Rams. The technology in the dash had some voice activation features that I also didn’t get a chance to mess wit. Luckily, Ram loves us here at txGarage so we’ll be getting more trucks soon and I’ll make sure to snatch one away from Adam for long enough to get some real time with the truck.

There was one thing that seemed to stick out for me, and that was the small pockets of cargo space below a/c vents. I just don’t understand what goes there. If you were to keep change in there, just seems like it would fall out if you were going off road. This is ultra picky, I know, just feel like not having it there might serve a better purpose than an empty hole.

Overall, my rating on this truck being and everyday driver and a workhorse depends on the situations and magnitude of the work, but overall, yes. With this being an Eco Diesel engine I feel like it’s got power, just not enough to be the workhorse that other trucks on the market have currently. The quietness in the cab allows you to be able to think without the loud annoyances as other loud diesel engines. This is one nice truck and I approve it for an everyday drive based on the time I got with it. Although, my opinion could change the more time I could get with it. I was very impressed at how far Ram has come and I look forward to many more years of their dependable and innovative trucks.

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Justin is a passionate family man who loves design, technology, and anything involving the outdoors. Justin also writes for Hunting Guru where he publishes product reviews, advice, and general hunting stories. Justin is an Associate Editor at txGarage and played a vital role in designing and developing the website.

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