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Park Place Introduces Bentley Bentayga:
Ferris Bueller, Your SUV Is Waiting


Park Place Introduces Bentley Bentayga:
Ferris Bueller, Your SUV Is Waiting

When price is really no object, the Bentley Bentayga (BEN-tay-gah) is the perfect SUV. Bentley has finally entered the luxury SUV market with the fastest model on the market. This beauty goes from 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds. Be careful, the ride is so smooth you’ll see red and blue lights in your rearview mirror before you know it.


With a base price of $229,000 this SUV isn’t for everyone; rather, it’s aimed at satisfying the Bentley customer who has longed for an SUV with all that Bentley has to offer. The Bentayga is full of ‘must haves’ for a busy family. The interior is so plush with the honed wood accents, the three ringed metal trim, and hunting vest cushioned leather (Christian Dior style, if you don’t have a hunting vest.) It will be a pleasure loading up your bunch for a family road trip or those after-school practices. The screens for the media system are in the headsets where you can Bluetooth your streaming content. And yes, as you would expect, the Bentayga is your own personal hotspot.

The Park Place Bentley dealership in Dallas will receive roughly 37 this year for the Dallas area. If you don’t want to drive your Bentayga off the lot, they’ll be happy to order one built specifically for you. Bentley Dallas can walk you through this or you can go online and build it at . I would recommend spending some time with one of the professionals at Bentley Dallas; their service is impeccable. Keep in mind, if you do want a custom Bentayga it takes somewhere between four and five months and will (potentially) cost significantly more.

Regardless of how your Bentayga arrives, one thing you can’t leave out is the panoramic glass roof. This feature covers 60% of the roof space and is reminiscent of cross-country train travel. If you’re in the market and the budget allows, this first generation Bentayga is a no-brainer. Be careful if you take a test drive, because if your budget is like most, you might leave the dealership wondering if that extra kidney would cover the cost of having one in your garage. And don’t wear the Bernie hat…

Monique Kursar

Monique Kursar comes back to writing after several years out of the work force to join as the Marketing Director. Living in Far North Dallas grants her the opportunity to search out all things fun on wheels in North Texas and the surrounding states. Fun takes the form of a certain thirteen-year-old daughter in her book. When not chauffeuring said daughter and friends, you can find her shopping at the corner bookstore or antique mall. [Photo by: Phoebe Roarke Ghabriel]

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