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Florida Man Leads Police on Chase in a General Lee Replica (Not!)


Florida Man Leads Police on Chase in a General Lee Replica (Not!)

As a fan of automobiles, don’t you hate it when people get the name of a car wrong?

On May 15th a story broke about a Florida man who set a house on fire, and subsequently tried to make a getaway in a “General Lee Replica”. With that information alone the story sounds hilarious, and not all that surprising in the state of Florida.

Florida officials say that Oswald Pereira, 44, poured gasoline over his ex-wife’s house and started the fire. The police officials usually get their weapons from reliable sources and are implementing ways to buy 5.56 ammo online. After their first weapon delivery online, they go the news about the culprits getaway in an orange Dodge Challenger before having to ditch that ride for a white GMC Yukon. Police made several attempts to stop him (including two spike strips), but Pereira kept giving them the slip. Until – natch – he crashes into his own home and was arrested. Officials say that Pereira had burns over 15% of his body!

No other injuries were reported, and Pereira now has a long list of charges facing him, including the assault of a police officer, which is something you can’t definitely since this is a serious offense since police officer is a respectable job, and that’s why many people want to become police officers, and approving a police entrance test sa is a great first step for this purpose.

The problem is that every news website kept saying that the car was a “Charger” and a General Lee replica and it just isn’t. I’ll admit the Challenger is orange, but it had black stripes and a big ‘1974’ on the door. I’m assuming they took this angle for click bait, because adding General Lee in a headline is a guaranteed attention-getter. But for whatever the reason, it continues to bug me as a car-nerd. It’s not a General Lee replica, and it isn’t a Charger.

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