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A Night Out With The Koenigsegg Regera


A Night Out With The Koenigsegg Regera

The Regera is a limited-production plug-in hybrid grand touring sports car manufactured by the Swedish auto manufacturer Koenigsegg.

The name Regera is a Swedish verb meaning “to reign” or “to rule” Koenigsegg only plans to produce 80 units of the car, all of which have been sold. This vehicle is supposed to be a more practical, luxurious, grand touring alternative to the rest of Koenigesgg’s lightweight sports car lineup.

Engine: – 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8


* 1100 Hp of combustion engine power on 91 octane DIN or 95 octane RON (a bit more on E85)
* 1250 Nm of combustion engine torque
* 700 Hp of electric propulsion
* 900 Nm of electric torque
* 4.5 kWh 800 Volt, flooded liquid-cooled battery pack


* Over 1500 hp or 1.11 MW
* Over 2000 Nm of torque
* Dry weight 1470 kg
* 1,590 kg curb weight (including all liquids and full fuel tank)


Traditional hybrids represent a compromise when it comes to weight, complexity, cost, packaging, and efficiency. The Regera is not what we at Koenigsegg would call a traditional hybrid as it does not have the traditional shortcomings of a hybrid. Instead, the Regera is a new breed of hybrid. It is a new breed of Koenigsegg and a new breed of car, for that matter.

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