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RAISING THE CARBON FOOTPRINT – The Reveal: Classic Recreations GT500 CR


RAISING THE CARBON FOOTPRINT – The Reveal: Classic Recreations GT500 CR


The Reveal: Classic Recreations GT500 CR 

Cresson, TX – Classic Recreations was formed to reproduce classic cars from the past that remain coveted by collectors. These vehicles are made more comparable (at least dynamically) to new vehicles, offering some of today’s technology within the envelope of classic – or neo-classic – sheetmetal. By maintaining that classic car vibe Shelby became famous for using Ford engines, Classic Recreations has recreated the GT500 CR™ with carbon-fiber bodies; the addition of carbon fiber and subtraction of steel drops 600 pounds (a typical family of four!) of curb weight. And with additional options, you can enhance performance while maintaining the reliability of today’s vehicles, making the thrill of enjoying the Shelby/Mustang experience better than ever. 

Classic Recreations also offers the GT350 CR, which also features a 427, or you can opt for the COYOTE 5.0L; the GT350 CR come with a manual or automatic, which is more than cool if, of course, you love a manual transmission. 

Also on the Classic Recreations build menu is the Shelby CSX 427 SC Cobra. With this roadster the engine and transmission are not included, but the available power plants are engineered independently to the customer’s preferences. Like the Mustang-based builds, you can have the Cobra brought closer to the standards of today’s vehicles, a huge plus for classic car owners. 

The Classics Recreations vehicles are built in Oklahoma, and the company has recently opened a new facility in Garland, which does some additional work while providing a customer showroom. If you elect to special order one of these vehicles you should budget about nine months.  The starting price for the GT500 CR is about $280K. (If you’re older with a home that’s paid off, borrow against it.)

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Classic Ford Truck Enthusiast and Owner. Shadowed Bill Stroppe, Off Road Legend. Former Sony Corporation of America Regional Manager. Former Ford Motor Company Regional Manager, Southwest.

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