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New York City, NY – There is probably not a better place on the planet to simply look out the window of your apartment or hotel or walk down any of the streets or avenues of Manhattan and see Cadillac Escalades. The Escalade is ubiquitous here, ferrying everyone from executives to celebrities to tourists, to and from their destinations in style. They look the part, as they say on Broadway. 

Since its introduction 25 or so years ago, Cadillac has sold over a million Escalades globally, and NYC is where Cadillac introduced its first car, the “Runabout” (in 1903),  and where it showcased the legendary V-16 in 1930. So there’s plenty of Cadillac history here in the Big Apple, and multiple reasons for Cadillac to invite us here. 

But this isn’t about the past or even the present day. It’s about the future. And the future is Electric for Escalade, and for Cadillac, which intends to be fully electric across its entire product lineup by 2030.

The Escalade IQ is brand new, from the ground up, according to Mandi Damman, Cadillac Escalade IQ Chief Engineer. The Escalade IQ will begin production next summer and will be manufactured in Detroit at GM’s Factory Zero.

Today was just for the press to see the Escalade IQ on display, walk around it, lean in as far as you could and photograph it, and talk to the people that accompanied it here, including Mark Reuss, President of General Motors. 

While you could lean inside through the open doors, you couldn’t sit inside. Normally that would put the press off. But the media on hand didn’t express any disappointment at that restriction, probably because leaning in was enough. The Cadillac Escalade is stunning, both inside and outside. And starting at $130k it should be. 

But from what I saw, the long list of things that this new Cadillac offers for the customer, justifies the asking price and then some. It really would seem to set a new bar in both performance and luxury.

Alan Pease is our Central Texas correspondent. He covers state and local government, as well as racing events at the Circuit of the Americas. His articles have appeared in Autoweek, and Automotive News. Prior to joining our staff, Alan produced automotive and motorcycle press introductions for BMW, MINI, Aston Martin, Jaguar and GM. Alan lives in Austin; you can reach him at

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