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2024 Chevrolet Trax

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2024 Chevrolet Trax 


Starting at around $21,500, the 2024 Chevrolet Trax is a hit among budget-conscious buyers who appreciate a high level of standard features in a compact SUV that is roomy, pleasant to drive, and easy on the eye.

Chevrolet’s third most popular selling vehicle, behind the Equinox and Silverado, the Trax was redesigned for 2023 and is longer, lower, and wider than its predecessor. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the Trax outsold competitors like the Honda HR-V, Hyundai Kona and Kia Seltos by better than two-to-one margins.

It is easy to see why. 

Athletic and muscular outside and flowing and tech-forward inside, the Trax looks and feels like it should cost more. But it doesn’t. Including delivery fee, a base LS starts at $21,495, while the RS Activ begins at $24,995. That is the good news. 

The bad? Do not walk into a Chevy dealer expecting a good deal on one. Dealer profits on entry-level vehicles are small to begin with, so there is not much the dealer can discount. 

In the case of the Trax, however, supply is an issue. Car companies consider a 75 days’ supply of a vehicle to be the perfect balance of supply and demand; there is enough inventory on hand to satisfy customers and enough in the system to keep showrooms stocked. 

If you want a deal, go to Stellantis, which used to be known as Chrysler. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram dealers are turning down new inventory because they are losing money on the interest they pay on those in stock. Nationwide, there is a 153-day supply of Ram pickups and a 424-day supply of Dodge Chargers.

Chevy, on the other hand, is sitting at around 60 days of supply as a brand, and the Trax is at 33 days, which means if you want one you will probably have to do some shopping around. 

If you do find one, the good news is that you could wind up with a loan or lease payment that is around half the national average.

Why Trax sells

When it went back to the drawing board to sketch out the second-generation Trax, Chevy chose as its muse the larger Chevrolet Blazer. Granted, all SUVs look about the same these days, but the lines of the new Trax provide a significant aesthetic upgrade compared to the previous model. 

A sleeker side profile is enhanced by a 4-inch-lower overall height while strong “shoulders” in the body contribute to a taut, muscular presence and strong stance.

The looks are matched by improved ride and driving characteristics. A six-inch increase in wheelbase makes any vehicle absorb bumps better. Add in electronic noise canceling technology, and riding in a Trax feels like one is cruising along in a vehicle costing $10,000 more.

A two-inch widening of track and dialed-in suspension geometry do the same thing for handling. Though we might like a little more turn-in response when pushed hard through slalom turns, the Trax is surprisingly nimble and well planted. 


  • Roominess: The 2024 Trax offers a noteworthy improvement in interior space compared to its predecessor. This enhanced roominess, particularly in the rear seats, elevates its practicality for small families or those who frequently transport passengers.
Chevrolet TraxHonda HR-VHyundai KonaKia Seltos
Passenger Volume (cu ft)99.898.394.4104
Cargo Space Behind Rear Seats (cu ft)25.628.319.226.6
Cargo Space With Rear Seats Folded (cu ft)54.139.345.887.3
2024 Chevrolet Trax interior
  • Standard Technology Features: The Trax comes equipped with a user-friendly infotainment system featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless smartphone integration. We found the electronics and switchgear easy to use and logically arrayed.
  • Focus on Safety: Every Trax comes standard with Chevy Safety Assist— a suite of six advanced safety and driver awareness technologies that include:
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Front Pedestrian Braking
  • Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Auto high-beam control
  • Following Distance Indicator
  • A rear vision camera is also standard, while adaptive cruise control, lane change alert with side blind zone alert, rear cross traffic alert and rear park assist are available.

Our test model RS included all those goodies, plus heated front seats, a heated steering wheel and an upgraded sound system. It still stickered out at less than $27,000.

That, my friends, is a whole bunch of car for the money.


The 2024 Trax offers a single engine option: a 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder with 137 horsepower. Those numbers would be impressive for a motorcycle. For a car, not so much.

Turbo lag, the time between when one mashes on the accelerator and when the car begins to vigorously accelerate, was disconcerting, especially when making a turn onto a busy, four-lane highway. Around town, the car seems quite quick, but passing on the highway requires aforethought.

One suspects the powerplant may struggle with providing sufficient power for highway cruising or hauling a full load of passengers and cargo. As might be expected, the engine vibrates at idle, which is unpleasant at stoplights and causes concern about long-term reliability.

Mated to a six-speed transmission, the Trax returns an average of 31 mpg, about average for a subcompact SUV. The most recent fuel economy rules encourage manufacturers to retrofit plug-in hybrids into existing internal combustion platforms. Chevy will hit a homer if it does that with the Trax.

Small-displacement, turbocharged gas engines are popular for their balance of power and fuel efficiency, but can encounter several common issues:

  • Carbon accumulation due to lower fuel charge pressure, which can affect performance.
  • The turbo unit can fail due to various reasons, including bad seals, failed wastegates, or engine overheating, leading to costly repairs.
  • Oil Leaks: High combustion chamber pressure, especially in higher mileage engines, can cause oil leaks that are challenging to fix. As millions of Kia and Hyundai owners learned, some can lead to fires and catastrophic failures.
  • Engine Lugging: This condition, more prevalent in turbocharged engines, can lead to severe engine damage if the engine is under high load at low RPMs.

We have not found quantitative data saying this engine will be unreliable, though anecdotal evidence of questionable reliability is floating around on internet forums. 

Two things catch our attention: First, Chevy only warranties the drivetrain for five years or 60,000 miles. And second, all-aluminum blocks make these engines poor candidates for a rebuild.

Normally, we advise against extended warranties, but this might be the exception that proves the rule. You should know that dealers purchase these warranties and then mark them up at closing. More competitive prices can be found elsewhere. is a good place to start shopping.


The 2024 Chevrolet Trax is a compelling option for budget-conscious buyers seeking a stylish, well-equipped, and fuel-efficient subcompact SUV. It is ideal for young families, the young at heart. And the thin billfold.

In four decades of journalism, Bill Owney has picked up awards for his coverage of everything from murders to the NFL to state and local government. He added the automotive world to his portfolio in the mid '90s.

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