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Genesis – Rebirth of Connectivity


Genesis – Rebirth of Connectivity

If in this day and age, I told you I was blown away by technology you’d likely respond with, uh, “duh”. If there’s one thing that I am always drawn to it is technology, and how – of course – it can work conveniently for us.

Hyundai’s new luxury brand, Genesis, which currently offers both the G80 (formerly the Genesis sedan) and all-new G90 (formerly the Equus), has introduced the first compatibility using Amazon Echo. Echo, which is a hands-free device that’s voice activated, interacts with the Alexa voice service, allowing you to control various things throughout your everyday life. This technology advance is something that Genesis is the first to capitalize on in the automotive world.


The Genesis Connected Services enables interaction between Alexa and the car remotely from inside the home. Instead of wondering if you’ve locked your car or would enjoy auto starting on a cold winter morning, Alexa-enabled Genesis vehicles solve this. And if you spring for the G90, you’re going to get an Amazon gift card to go towards the purchase of an Echo.

“The Amazon Alexa skill for Genesis demonstrates our progressive commitment to technology that is intuitive and customer-focused. It aligns with our belief that time and convenience are the ultimate luxuries,” said Erwin Raphael, general manager of Genesis.

Security issues have been considered. To send any command some special steps must be followed. First, a user must enable the Genesis skill in the Alexa App (found in an App store), then link your existing Genesis Connected Services account with the Alexa App. Before any command will be sent to the vehicle you will have to enter a PIN that’s established during setup.

You’re probably wondering how many commands are supported at the system’s rollout. Here’s a list of packages that are available:

Connected Care package:

  • Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) and Assistance
  • SOS Emergency Assistance
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance
  • Monthly Vehicle Health Report
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification (DTC)
  • Service Link
  • Genesis App (smartphone)
  • On-Demand Diagnostics
  • Driving Information

Remote package:

  • Remote Start with Climate Control
  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock
  • Remote Horn and Lights
  • Car Finder via Mobile App
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery/Slowdown/Immobilization
  • Vehicle Safeguard Alerts:
    • Geo-Fence
    • Valet Alert
    • Speed/Curfew Alert

Guidance package:

  • Destination search powered by Google®
  • Destination Send-to-Car by Google®

The Genesis brand and Connected Services team did an amazing job in being the first to make this available. I suspect there are already others working on this, but the G80 and G90 Genesis products will be the first cars to utilize this great piece of technology.


Justin is a passionate family man who loves design, technology, and anything involving the outdoors. Justin also writes for Hunting Guru where he publishes product reviews, advice, and general hunting stories. Justin is an Associate Editor at txGarage and played a vital role in designing and developing the website.

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